Tiramisu is a dessert borned in Northern Italy. It is a sweet that everyone knows and represents Italy with a sweet, bittersweet and very creamy taste.
The balance between sweetness and bitterness is also the best. We added coffee and used plenty of mascarpone cheese to create a tiramisu gelato unique to Ebisumachi.


The rare and valuable pistachio called “Green Jewel” is from Bronte, a small village from the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, known as the city of pistachio. Bronte pistachio is known to be one of the highest quality pistachio in the world. It is harvested once every two years, producing only 0.3% of the world’s total production, and it is said that it is very difficult to obtain genuine Bronte pistachios even in Italy. Come and enjoy the gelato from Ebisumachi that uses this abundantly !!! It is the most popular flavor now!


Amaou, the only strawberry produced in Fukuoka Prefecture that has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, is a very rare strawberry. A sweetness that you will never forget once you taste it. Amaou gelato in Ebisumachi is like eating ripe fresh strawberries themselves. It is the second popular flavor following pistachio!

Rum Raisins

Raisins are soaked in rum and Marsala wine, and the richness of raisins, milk and the eggs are added to create a unique taste . Marsala wine is a wine that represents Sicily in Italy. Enjoy the scents of wood, caramel, almonds and vanilla. It is characterized by its sweet but aged scent. It is a very popular flavor in Italy, regardless of age group.


The original richness of milk spreads directly in the mouth, the sweetness is modest, and the dense and creamy milk gelato is perfect for eating. This timeless deliciousness is irresistible.


We use high quality Belgian chocolate. It has a raw chocolate texture, and since it does not use fresh cream, it is low-fat and has a moderate sweetness. You can enjoy a mellow chocolate feeling with a rich taste, which is the supreme taste that chocolate lovers will enjoy !
It’s one of the most popular flavor!

Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese is a fresh cheese made in Southern Italy. Ricotta cheese is made by reheating the water “whey” that came out during cheese production. It is high in lactose, low in fat, high in quality and high in protein! It is slightly sweet and refreshing, and has a soft mouthfeel. The name comes from the meaning of ricotta “boil twice”. An addictive gelato with the natural sweetness of rich ricotta cheese and milk.


Gorgonzola, one of the world’s three largest blue cheese.
There are two types of Gorgonzola flavor. The Dolce type sold at Ebisumachi is creamy and mild with a little blue mold. It features a slight milk flavor. Gorgonzola gelato at Ebisumachi is a luxurious and mature gelato with its unique flavor.



-espresso dopio



-cafe latte (ice/hot)

-cafe (ice/hot)

We are using an espresso bean brand born in Marsala, Sicily, Italy. Soft and mild on the palate. A slight taste of chocolate, fruity and floral, fragrant and a rich aroma. A very popular coffee with spices and rich chocolate aftertaste.


Gazzosa is a very popular Italian lemonade in Italy! Made from Amalfi lemon juice and aromas, and soft water drawn from the source. It is a body-friendly lemon carbonated water that contains as much as 3.0 mg / L of sodium, which is the daily intake. A lemonade with a refreshing taste and the bitterness of a lemon zest.


The carbonated water of Ebisumachi comes from the Italian brand Lurisia. It is made from the famous water of Lurisia city, which is located at the foot of the Alps in the northern Italy. This slightly carbonated water of Lurisia is a soft water that is rare in Italy! The fine bubbles that spread in the mouth are pleasant, and the gentle and soft taste is impressive.
You can drink it quite well, and it’s good for beauty and health! The bottle is also fashionable, isn’t it?


A citrus carbonated drink specially made for adults, which is typical of Italy. Soft carbonated water with a bittersweet and flavorful taste extracted from the aroma of fragrant myrtle from Savona, northern Italy. Chinotto is a citrus fruit whose aroma is extracted. Lemon juice and caramel color are added, and its unique aroma and taste burst in the mouth with fine foaming. A very popular Chinotto that is widely known in Italy. 

Peach tea

The Italian classic popular drink peach tea! We use Italian brand ones. It goes well with gelato, and the moderate sweetness and refreshing peach scent are likely to be addictive. Please enjoy the healing peach tea that the sweetness of ripe peach spreads in your mouth!